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About us.

How it all started: 

Several Glenwood property owners have initiated the establishment of an Urban Improvement Precinct to see the upliftment of Glenwood.

We need the support of residents to make this happen.

What drove this need:

  • Increase in crime and grime in the area 

  • Poor service delivery in public areas

  • Poorly maintained infrastructure

  • Lack of social cohesion and interest in public spaces

>> We've created a question and answer page here to give you as much information as possible about this plan.

The vision of what will be achieved: 

  • Revitalise the predominantly residential area in Glenwood

  • Improve safety, the general environment, and quality of life for all in the proposed precinct

  • Target an upward trajectory for property values

  • Encourage environmental sustainability and social cohesion within the community

How it will be structured & funded:

1. The Urban Improved Precinct (UIP) is based on the Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004 which allows for the establishment of a Special Rating Area (SRA) for a defined geographical area. The property owners have to agree to pay for certain services in addition to the normal municipal services.

2. The Pigeon Valley UIP in terms of the Act must set up a non-profit company with a board of non-remunerated directors.  The board will be constituted by representatives of the property owners.  The board needs to approve a Business Plan and annual budget to provide the selected additional services.

3. The UIP budget is funded by the property owners and is calculated on a pro-rata basis using the existing municipal values of each property in the selected area.  The payment is levied on the municipal rates bill and collected by the Municipality on behalf of the UIP NPO

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