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Request for quotation (RFQ) for supply of a dedicated armed response resource to supplement existing shared resources (18/12/2023)

The establishment of the PVUIP and subsequent declaration as a Special Rated Area (SRA) was approved on 28 February 2023 by the full council of eThekwini Municipality following a rigorous public engagement and voting process. The PVUIP operations are based on an approved Business Plan.

An important element of the security strategy is a dedicated (response/proactive security) element to supplement the existing shared armed response services operating in the PVUIP area (Glenwood/Bulwer, Durban). 

Therefore, the Pigeon Valley UIP (PVUIP) is requesting quotations for services as detailed herewith (PVUIP RFQ Dedicated security vehicle 18122023 REV2).

Should you wish to quote for this, please contach Richard Thring the UIP Manager or Sphinidle Msweli to request the full document detailing the scope of the quotation.

Closing date for receiving quotations/proposals will be COB 19 January 2024.

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